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How to Help Your Pet Deal with Arthritis

As your pet ages, there is a good chance they will develop arthritis – a common degenerative joint problem. A third of companion animals suffer from joint discomfort and it is the number one cause of chronic pain in dogs. Because dogs and cats age faster than we do, arthritis often develops much more quickly […]

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KIRO 7 Pet Food Drive to Help Pets in Need

Here in Western Washington, our pets are family, and no one should have to choose between feeding their furry family member and feeding themselves.That’s why we’re proud to join with Nulo Pet Foods in sponsoring of the KIRO 7 Cares Pet Food Drive.   All donations will be shared with Homeward Pet’s Pet Food Bank and Regional Animal Services […]

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35th Anniversary Savings!

Come celebrate pets and enjoy 20% off!  Oct. 21-24 We’re grateful to be celebrating 35 years of loving pets and extra grateful for the support of our customers (like you!).  Come celebrate with Anniversary Savings of 20% off  your purchase of $40 or more (before tax) October 21-24.  Use promo code SAVE20 and save on everything your pet loves – healthy, […]

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Back-to-School Tips for Pets

Your (human) kids aren’t the only ones that need help adjusting to the back-to-school routine. Pets often struggle with the sudden change in schedule and need extra attention and TLC this time of year. Here are some back-to-school tips to help your pet adjust to the new schedule and avoid the back-to-school blues: 1. Leave […]

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Separation Anxiety – Signs and Solutions

It’s not uncommon for pets to experience separation anxiety when the kids go back-to-school and they are left alone for long periods of time. So what’s the difference between some back-to-school blues and separation anxiety? Pets with separation anxiety can appear distressed when you prepare to leave the home and can become overly-enthusiastic upon your […]

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