Back-to-School Tips for Pets

Your (human) kids aren’t the only ones that need help adjusting to the back-to-school routine. Pets often struggle with the sudden change in schedule and need extra attention and TLC this time of year.

Here are some back-to-school tips to help your pet adjust to the new schedule and avoid the back-to-school blues:

1. Leave interactive toys out during the day
Keep your pets occupied with enrichment and puzzle toys to keep them busy and stimulate their minds. Rotate toys every day or two to keep them fresh and interesting.

2. Make quality time for pets
Your pet may have spent a lot of time with your kids over the summer but when the kids go back to school, they can experience separation anxiety. Create a routine to make sure your pet gets playtime with the kids when they get home from school. (And include them in your weekend plans too!) Interactive toss, retrieve, and tug toys are ideal for introducing more fun and variety into your dog’s life.

3. Exercise in the morning
Start their day off right and plan extra time in the morning to get your pet exercise before you leave the house. A tired pet is a more content pet!

4. Turn on some tunes or TV
If your dog isn’t used to a quiet or silent home, being left alone can be saddening and upsetting. The sound of human voices or music from the television or radio can help calm and comfort your pup.

Following these back-to-school tips for pets will help ensure your best pal isn’t feeling neglected! If they don’t seem to have adjusted to the new routine within a few weeks, familiarize yourself with these signs of separation anxiety.

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