Photos expressing a passion for pets. An athletic woman and her dog canoeing in a lake, a small happy dog with its head out of a car window, a little girl kissing her cat.

We wouldn’t be here—on this website, in our stores—if not for you, our customers. Thank you.

How we started, where we’re going

Pet Pros was founded in 1986 in Seattle, Washington. Since then, we’ve grown from 1 store in North Seattle to 22 stores in Washington and Oregon—one of the largest independent pet supply retailers in the Pacific Northwest. We’re still growing, and we plan to keep growing, because building relationships in local neighborhoods is important to us. We’ll also keep opening new stores in the Northwest, simply because we love it here.

Our commitment to you

From day one, we’ve made it our mission to deliver old-fashioned customer service. We’ve dedicated ourselves to empowering pet owners, providing them with knowledge to keep their pets happy, healthy, and safe. Our strength lies in building relationships with people in their neighborhood, making a difference in their (and our) community, and in treating our neighbors and their pets like family. Because they are.

Our team

Our team reflects our company values—respect, fairness, and honesty. Our team knows a lot, and they love learning more—from our customers, our customers’ pets, their own pets (they all have pets), and from each other. We offer continuing education and training to our team. Our team loves these trainings. We’re not kidding. They love their job, and they’re committed to our customers, to their pets, and to providing the excellent service that keeps our customers returning year after year.

Our values

Since 1986, we’ve remained true to our values and honored our vision.