Top Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool

You may have noticed that your pet takes longer to recover from walks, pants and sheds more, and consumes more water this time of year. The heat can be exhausting to our little friends; their bodies aren’t designed to handle it as well as ours (and some pets are more susceptible than others). As their owners, it’s our job to protect them from the heat. To help you be the best guardians you can be, we have put together our top tips to help keep your pet cool and protected.

Restrict activity during the warmest hours of the day

It is typically hottest between Noon – 5:00 pm in the Pacific Northwest, so head out earlier in the morning or later in the evening for longer walks or fetch sessions in the park.

Keep pets well-watered

Dogs and cats are about 80 percent water inside, (cucumbers with personality). Losing only 10 percent of body fluids can cause serious illness, so keep lots of fresh water available at all times.

Take breaks and seek shade

If your pup is panting heavily, it’s time to find a shady spot and take a break. He can’t fetch that ball as many times in August as he could in May without a breather. Pay attention to their behavior and watch for symptoms of heat exhaustion.

Protect paws from hot pavement

Cement and asphalt store and release heat throughout the day. While designers have yet to create a flip flop that will stay on a paw, dog socks do an excellent job of preventing paw burn. Your pet will thank you for keeping these tips in mind! They may also enjoy some of the products we carry to keep pets cool during the warmer months. Shop online and get free curbside pickup or pickup at one of our neighborhood stores.  We’d love to see you and your pet!

  Note: Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice.