How to Make Healthy Frozen Dog Treats

Dogs LOVE treats – but frozen treats on a warm summer day takes their tail-wagging excitement to a whole new level. Cool your dog off this summer with homemade pupsicles! Not only are they fun and easy to make (with only three ingredients) but they are good for your pup too. Ready to get started? Follow our simple recipe or watch our how-to video below.

Healthy Frozen Dog Treat Recipe


  • 2 cups Answers Goat’s Milk
  • 1 cup dehydrated dog food (we used The Honest Kitchen brand for our recipe testing)
  • Your dog’s favorite biscuits for popsicle sticks
  • Optional mix-ins: peanut butter (dog safe), chopped apples, bananas and/or blueberries


  • Combine goat’s milk and dehydrated dog food and let sit for 3-5 minutes.
  • Pour mix into ice cube trays and add optional healthy mix-ins.
  • Insert bone shaped biscuits upright into ice cube tray like a popsicle stick.
  • Freeze overnight.
  • Pull one out for your dog to enjoy on hot days and feel good about serving them a treat that is good for them!
    • Goat’s milk is good for your pet’s digestive and immune system and is full of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, probiotics and enzymes.

Video: How to Make Healthy Frozen Dog Treats – Watch and learn!

We hope your best pal enjoys them!


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If you make one of these recipes, let us know what your pup thinks and share a pic!