Tips to Make the Holidays Happy for Your Pets

The holidays can be stressful for pets We know that the extra festivities and changes to routine that come with the holiday season can make it a stressful time of year for pets (and pet parents).  We believe pets are part of the family and want to make the holidays enjoyable fore everyone in the […]

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Paw-liday Caricatures of Your Pet

The Paw-liday Season is just around the corner. To celebrate, we are offering a special gift to our special customers…a free caricature of your pet! Caricatures are fun illustrations that make for great keepsakes. Don’t miss out! Check out the schedule below and make plans to stop by your neighborhood Pet Pros to get in […]

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Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in Dogs

The following information concerns the recent data collection from the FDA concerning dilated cardiomyopathy, commonly referred to as DCM. At Pet Pros your pet’s health is the most important thing to us. We take great care in selecting everything we put on our shelves and our goal is to help you keep your pet as […]

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Tips for Taking Your Dog to Work

We all know that having a pet contributes to an abundance of health benefits – physical, mental and emotional. A pet’s ability to reduce stress levels and increase morale are just a couple of reasons why more and more companies are becoming pet-friendly. And for those who can’t take their dog to work regularly, there […]

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Halloween Safety Tips for You and Your Pet

Halloween is meant to be a spooky time – but it shouldn’t be scary for your pet. Odd noises, new smells and strangers in costume coming to the door can quickly and easily overwhelm your dog or cat. Follow these helpful tips to keep your pets safe and happy this Halloween season! Keep the treats out […]

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Meet Herald the Barkeologist

Have you ever met a Barkeologist? If not, then let us to introduce you to Herald. Herald is the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium’s wonder dog, aka Barkeologist, who stars as “Indiana Bones” in the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater Show. Herald and his animal friends put on an action-packed show every day that delights young […]

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