We know that the extra festivities and changes to routine that come with the holiday season can make it a stressful time of year for pets (and pet parents).  We believe pets are part of the family and want to make the holidays enjoyable fore everyone in the family!

Here are 5 tips to make the holidays merry and bright for your pet!

  1. Pack the CBD Oil – The extra travel, company and hustle and bustle of the holiday season can make our pets more anxious than normal. Keeping some CBD Hemp Oil on hand can help keep your dog or cat happy and calm – no matter the situation. We recommend Edibites for dogs and CBD Hemp Oil for cats. Give them to your furry friends thirty minutes before your holiday celebration begins to ease their situational anxiety.
  2. Create a safe space – Give your pet an easy retreat away from the festivities and noise. Set up a pet-friendly space by placing a comfy dog or cat bed and their favorite toys in a quieter area of the house. (You may even find yourself escaping there too!)
  3. Keep them occupied – Leave interactive toys out during gatherings for your pets’ enjoyment. Keep your pets occupied with enrichment and puzzle toys to keep them busy and to stimulate their minds. Rotate toys every day or two to keep them fresh and interesting.
  4. Play and exercise – Make sure your pet gets plenty of play time and love so they don’t get as thrown off by all of the holiday activities. A brisk walk can help head off stress and anxiety (for everyone!). And, a tired pet is a more content pet!
  5. Stick to your routine – Keep meals and walks at the same time, if you can. A predictable routine is important for dogs and cats and will help them feel secure and comfortable.

Whether you want to learn more about CBD for your pet, are looking for a comfortable bed or pet-approved toys to entertain your best pal, we are happy to lend a paw with advice. We love pets and work hard to fill our stores with products you and your pet will love too. We look forward to seeing you and your pet!

Happy Holidays from the Pet Pros team.

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