Create a Healthy Petsgiving Feast

Petsgiving Feast

Petsgiving Feast

Celebrate Petsgiving with Safe and Healthy Treats

To create a Thanksgiving experience for your pet, we recommend giving them a special seasonal pet food or treat — and a few bites of pet-safe people food too. We have a great selection of tasty food and treats made with pumpkin, turkey, and sweet potato in our stores that your pet will love! Check out a few suggestions below.

And, if you want to share a bite of your favorite Thanksgiving dish with your pal, you can give them a taste of one of these people foods that are safe to share with your pet.

Here are a few Thanksgiving staples that are safe for dogs and cats:


Turkey is safe for pets to eat, and it’s actually a common ingredient in pet food and treats. However, turkey is safest for pets if it is fully cooked, white meat, unseasoned, and completely boneless. Turkey bones can easily splinter, which can cause harm to pets if consumed. And it’s best to keep the skin away from pets, as that’s where most of the seasoning sits.


Pumpkin is a good source of nutrients, and it can help alleviate digestive issues. But when feeding your pet pumpkin, be sure it is plain pumpkin. Most canned pumpkin blends include spices that can cause harm to your pet, so be sure you look for plain canned pumpkin next time you visit the grocery store.

Green beans

Green beans are a fan-favorite around Thanksgiving, and they are safe for dogs and cats too. While some beans are not pet-friendly, green beans provide vitamins and fiber that benefit our furry friends. Just be sure to feed them the beans before you season them — oil and spices are not good for pets.

Apple slices

While you’re baking your apple pie, feel free to toss your pet an apple slice! Take off the skin first, then feed it to your four-legged friend for a dose of vitamin C and fiber.

When sharing food with your pet, always do so in moderation, stick to simple easy-to-digest foods and be mindful of any allergies your furry friend has. 

We hope you have a very happy Petsgiving!  

Here are a few suggestions for seasonal treats to add to your pet’s feast!

Shop now or stop by your neighborhood Pet Pros for more ideas for your Petsgiving feast!