New Kitten Checklist

New Kitten Checklist
New Kitten Checklist

Essentials for Your New Kitten

There’s nothing more exciting than bringing a new kitten into your family.  They are adorable, fun and full of love. But they also come with a lot of responsibility! If you are in the process of bringing a kitten home, below are the basics you’ll need on hand for your new pal.  You can download our checklist below.
Kitten Food 
Healthy, natural food is important for all pets and particularly for a growing kitten!  Be sure to select a high quality food with plenty of protein.  Our team can help you select the best choice for your kitten.
Food and Water Bowls 
Pet food bowls are a necessity for your feline friend, and this can be a fun item to shop for! You can match it to your home decor or get something that stands out, the choice is up to you. Just be sure you get two – one for food and one for water.  It is important to keep your kitten hydrated.
Cat Treats 
We have a lot of healthy, natural treats so that you can choose one that you feel good about – and that your new pal will love. Kibble toppers and bone broth are also great treats.  Treating can be used to reward your cat’s good behavior but always remember to offer treats in moderation.
Cat Collar
Choosing the right size collar for your kitten is the most important thing so that it fits comfortably and is not too loose. Have fun choosing a color and style you like! Harnesses are great way to keep adventure kitties safe and secure on walks or outings.
ID Tag
Don’t forget an ID tag! An ID Tag provides valuable information should your kitten escape and get lost.  An ID tag improves the chance of your pet being returned to you.  Stop by any of our stores to get a customized tag with your cat’s name, your address and phone number.
Fun Toys!
Toys are one of the most fun things to buy your new kitten!  Feather teasers, pompom balls, catnip toys and more are sure to please.  Kittens have lots of energy so we recommend getting a variety of toys to keep your cat entertained and provide physical and mental stimulation..
Litter, Litter Box and Litter Scoop
All kittens need a litter box.  And, you’ll need litter and a scoop so that you can keep your home smelling fresh.There are a variety of choices for litter – you may need to try out a couple to find the one that works best. If you have any questions, visit your local Pet Pros. Our team is full of knowledge and advice that they’d love to share with you!
Get Our New Kitten ChecklistNew Kitten Checklist To make shopping easier, we put together a New Kitten Checklist that includes The Basics listed above plus The Extras that you may want to consider so that you’ll be ready. (There are also 139 Awesome Pet Names included on the list – if you are still searching for that perfect name!) Print the list and start here to shop online. Or, bring your list – and your kitten! – to your neighborhood Pet Pros.  We’d love to help you find all the essentials. We look forward to meeting your new family member!