Kibble vs. Raw Foods

Not all dry pet food is created equally

At PetPros, we find companies that source quality ingredients from trustworthy suppliers, then manufacture them in clean, safe and tightly regulated facilities.
These pet foods are more nutrient-dense, higher-quality, and minimally processed.

Kibble can be heavily processed.

Nutrients are often lost during processing. Heat can destroy and denature nutrient in your pet’s food. When proteins are heated, they can become unrecognizable to the body. This means issues with digestion and possible food sensitivities can develop.

What happens when food is processed at high temperatures?

Enzymes can be destroyed, proteins can be denatured and intercellular moisture can be lost completely. Thus, raw food can be essential to help your pet thrive and help avoid the previously mentioned denatured components.

Did you know that repeated feeding of heavily processed foods can take a huge toll on your pet’s digestive tract and pancreas?

The digestive tract can become inflamed, and leaky gut syndrome may develop. This can create allergenic symptoms for your pet. The pancreas will be in overdrive trying to pump out digestive enzymes to facilitate the breakdown of a processed (kibble) diet. In time, it may not function properly and lead to more issues. Rotate fresh foods into your pet’s diet to aid in lowering inflammation and giving the pancreas a break.

Raw foods have live enzymes that help our pets digest the very thing they just ate. Raw meat is an excellent source of protein and fat and will also contain lipase and protease, two examples of food enzymes that help break down protein and fat.


Our Fresher Food Philosophy was created to help pet parents understand how easy it is to incorporate minimally processed and raw foods into their pets’ diets. Variety and rotation are encouraged so your pet can be introduced to different nutrients, flavors, textures, and smells.

Feeding even small amounts of fresher foods can help deliver those vital nutrients your pet needs to thrive. Adding raw or gently cooked foods to your pet’s diet can help alleviate the stress that overly processed foods put on their body. Give them a chance to thrive at all stages of life by feeding them fresher foods. We have a variety of options to fit the needs of your pet.

There are many stepping stones from kibble to raw food. Baked kibbles, air-dried diets, minimally processed cINanned foods, gently cooked meals, and more!

Ask one of your local team members about these fresher food diets.