10 Tips for Calmer Walks with your Dog

Walking with your dog should be a pleasant experience, but it’s not always like that, right? On many occasions, these moments are truncated by jerks or a lack of coordination on the part of both. Perhaps more than once you have wondered what to do so that your dog does not pull on the leash or how to make your dog walk by your side. Do you want to know how to take your dog for a walk and make the walk pleasant for both you and him? This post gives you 10 tips to get the most out of daily walks.

10 Tips for walking with your dog:

  1. Walk with your dog every day. It is necessary for your faithful friend to go outside every day so that he can be in contact with nature, interact with other dogs, relieve himself, expend energy and stay in shape. The right thing is to take three walks a day and distribute them between the morning, the afternoon, and night.

  2. Duration of the ride. It is not about taking him out for a walk just so he can relieve himself, it is necessary that the walk be long enough so that he has time to release the accumulated energy. If due to lack of time you cannot take a long walk, you can take a shorter one, but then you must play with him at home to complete his daily exercise.

  3. Prepare the walk before leaving. It is necessary that in addition to the leash, you take with you: waste bags-, treats-, and a toy. If you are going to do a lot of exercises, it is advisable to also carry a portable drinker because you will surely get thirsty. Finally, depending on the weather, you can put a sweater on him if it’s cold, a raincoat when it rains, and his boots if it snows. Do not forget anything before leaving!
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  4. Calm when leaving home. If your dog gets agitated when he sees you grab the leash because you already know he’s going out, you shouldn’t put him in that state of anxiety. The best thing is that you stand in front of the door until your dog sits down and relaxes.

  5. Alternate the walk with the game. It is positive that your dog associates the walk with something fun. Give them some time so that they can play, meet other dogs, run and expend all their energy. In this way, when you return home your dog will be much calmer. Teach them to distinguish between the moment of play, where the dog can explore and run, and the moment of walking, where they must be calm and stay by your side.
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  6. Teach your dog to walk by your side with rewards. To ensure that it is you who decides the route and not the other way around, a little patience is needed: if your dog turns to a side you do not want to go, continue with the walk and make a correction with the leash associated with a “no”. Every time your dog listens to your verbal cue reward their behavior with a quick pet or a treat. ,
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  7. The walk is an ideal time to practice obedience since a dog accustomed to exercise is easier to train and pays more attention.

  8. Change route. If you usually do the same route every time, your -dog will associate where -they should go and set the pace of the walk-. It is a good tactic to change this trip from time to time, so the dog will be aware of you and not follow the path learned.
  9. Have un together! Dedicate your time and your love to your faithful friend. Enjoy this time together to play with them, strengthen ties of friendship, relax, and above all strengthen the bond that unites you.