Pet Hydration | Moisture-Rich, High-Quality Foods

Hydration is always important, even more important during warm summer months.

Ensure your pets receive the hydration they were designed to utilize by feeding them a moisture-rich diet. Intracellular moisture is the natural moisture that comes directly from raw, unprocessed foods.

Why is intracellular moisture so beneficial?

Also called cytosol, intracellular moisture is the liquid found inside cells. The intracellular moisture naturally present in raw, and minimally processed food delivers ultra-hydrating, electrolyte-rich moisture that does more than just water alone. It contains water, proteins, and electrolytes to hydrate your pet effectively. Your pet will get a more beneficial form of moisture when it is present in their food, this minimizes bloat and increases digestibility.

Cats have low thirst drive.

Cats evolved as desert dwellers! A cat’s natural diet is roughly 75% moisture. The average kibble diet is only 10% moisture. Couple that fact with their low thirst drive, and we have a major issue with lack of hydration. For a cat consuming a dry diet to properly hydrate themselves, they will need to drink more than double the amount of water than they would if they were to eat a canned or raw diet. Let’s help our cats stay properly hydrated by giving them a diet that closely resembles their natural diet, moisture-rich, minimally processed, animal-based food!

Oftentimes, cats drink water to moisten their mouth so they can groom themselves. The amount of water they consume is minimal and not enough to properly hydrate if they are being fed a dry diet. Cats require moisture-rich foods that deliver intracellular moisture – a highly effective means of providing proper hydration.

Have you noticed your cat drinking from their water bowl or fountain? You may notice they are not very efficient at lapping up water. That is because the movement of their tongues does not allow them to scoop the water into their mouth.

Research demonstrates that a diet high in moisture boosts a cat’s total daily water intake to a level that cannot be achieved by simply providing drinking water alongside dry food. The higher daily water intake resulted in increased urine volume and dilution which leads to healthy kidney and urinary tract function.


We have so many flavors and varieties to choose from for both cats and dogs! Why not try them all?

Did you know, that dogs AND cats love raw meaty bones?

Raw meaty bones are a fantastic treat that offers vital nutrients, a relaxing activity, and all-important moisture for our furry friends. Feed these treats frozen or thawed and always supervise.