Love shopping local?  Here are some Pacific Northwest pet products we think you’ll love!

We may be biased, but we think the Pacific Northwest has the best people, pets and companies around! And, this month we’re celebrating Paw-cific Northwest pets and our PNW partners, who create some of our favorite locally-made products.

We’d love to introduce you to just a few of the amazing, healthy, natural pet products we carry that are made by people who truly love pets just as much as we do. These companies are dedicated to keeping your four-legged friends healthy and happy, and we know that you’ll love them just as much as we do.

1. From the Field – Washington State grown

From The Field’s cat toys are made from natural hemp materials and filled with fresh catnip and blends grown right here in Washington state. Check out their Instagram, their local farms are incredible! Hemp is a highly renewable resource that grows without pesticides and is completely biodegradable.

They also offer a wide variety of organically grown catnip and catnip blended with valerian root or silver vine, both amazing cat attractant alternatives.

2. Portland Pet Food Company – Portland, Oregon.

Portland Pet Food Company believes you should feed your dog like you feed yourself. They worked with the Oregon Food Innovation Program to develop a sustainable, local, AAFCO regulated line of products. They also partner with Pacific Northwest companies to ensure that 100% of your dog’s food is sourced and made in the United States. They hand roll and cut their dog biscuits and cook all meals from scratch.

Over the last six years, their delicious line of dog products has expanded from biscuits to shelf-stable meal toppers to gear. The first of their kind, our convenient shelf-stable pouch meals work as dry food toppers, mixers, or soft treats. Smaller and senior dogs may enjoy them all on their own as a rotational meal ! Their lightweight and easy portability make them perfect for camping, backpacking or adventuring with your pup!

3. FirstMate – B.C., Canada

Our neighbors up north created FirstMate out of concern for mass-produced pet foods and their unknown ingredients. Based in BC, this family prides itself on taking complete control of the process, from sourcing high quality ingredients to production at their own family-owned facilities in BC. Each limited ingredient diet contains single meat protein, single carbohydrate and is ideal for dogs with food allergies and stomach sensitivities. Featuring an average of 80% of protein derived from meat, we love FirstMate’s pet foods for cats and dogs.

“As a family-owned manufacturer and pet owners ourselves, we take a great deal of pride in the quality, safety, and performance of our products. The ownership of both a dry production facility and a cannery provides us with increased confidence in the quality of our diets.” – Mike Florian, Founder

4. Pet Pros Salmon oil – Sustainably Caught in Alaska

Pet Pros Salmon oil is a great way to augment your dog’s diet. Salmon oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that support a healthy immune system, heart health, anti-inflammatory properties, healthy skin and coat and cognitive function. Our salmon oil uses salmon sustainably caught at local fisheries in Alaska!

The main Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon oil are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and DPA (docosapentaenoic acid). These acids are long-chain, meaning that they contain 20 or more carbon atoms.

Omega-3 acids are important structural components of healthy cell membranes. In addition, long-chain fatty acids provide anti-inflammatory benefits that can help support your dog’s coat and skin, potentially decrease the development of skin allergies and help aid in the healing of wounds.

5. Mad About Organics – Eugene, Oregon

We love this natural line of flea & tick shampoos, dental supplements, and grooming care! This family owned business is from Eugene, Oregon, right here in the Pacific Northwest, which has a wetter climate where our pets are more prone to skin issues. They use only human-grade certified organic ingredients and their products are formulated for 4 weeks and older, including pregnant females.
Their Insect Repellent Herbal Wipe-on Oil topical treatment helps stick to the pet’s hair/fur while running and playing in our wet conditions.
We also love their Herbal Gel Oral Treatment for cats and dogs which they developed for pets who hate brushing and owners who are still worried about gum and teeth health. No brushing required!
Their Insect Repellent Herbal Sprays were originally developed for their horses and the product was so popular they tweaked the formula to make versions safe for cats and small animals.

6. Sweet Lilly’s Droodles – Seattle, Washington Brand New at Pet Pros

We love these all natural Dehydrated Dog Treats made right here in Seattle. Lilly is the owner’s Great Dane, a beautiful, loving, gentle giant, but like many dogs of all sizes she needs a strict, healthy, grain-free diet for her sensitive stomach.
After trying almost everything and spending a fortune only to have Lilly end up with more stomach problems, they developed Sweet Lilly’s Droodles, made from 100% whole food, chicken born, raised and grown in the USA, no grains, spices, preservatives, or unnatural sounding ingredients that you can’t pronounce. If Lilly won’t eat them – they won’t sell them.
And that’s why we can’t get enough of Sweet Lilly’s Droodles!

7. Snook’s – Estacada, Oregon

The Snook family started this business out of concern for tartar build up and the dangers of rawhides and bones. They set out to find a way to make a digestible alternative that was not made from animal bones. After reading about the benefits of sweet potatoes and knowing how much their dogs enjoyed them, they created some dehydrated sweet potato chews for their dogs and were amazed at how much buildup it removed from their teeth. They gave some to their friends to try and got the same results with those dogs, and the family business was born!
Snook’s Sweet Potato Chews make a great alternative to rawhide and unlike rawhide, sweet potato chews do not have a reputation for causing digestive blockages and choking. So, they are a lot safer and definitely more nutritious.
The Snook Family is cautious to tell pet owners: Do not give dogs raw sweet potatoes, though; they should always be cooked. Steam and mash them, then add a little to your dog’s normal meal. Steaming or boiling actually maintains more of their nutrients than roasting or baking does. Because they are rich in fiber, introduce sweet potatoes slowly.