6 Products to Keep Your Pets Cool this Summer


Just because things heat up in August, it doesn’t mean your pet has to be left at home or stuck inside. It just means some extra care and attention should be put into keeping them protected from the heat. To ensure your pet not only stays cool, but looks cool as well, we’ve put together a list of our six favorite “cooling” products. They are handpicked and pet-tested with love by our team here at Pet Pros.

1. Cooling Mats
Whether you’re at home or on the go, the Playa Pup Chiller cooling mat ensures your furry friend always has a refreshing place to relax. Simply place the cooling mat in your pet’s bed or take it along on your adventures. No prior cooling is necessary, as the mat comes pre-filled with a safe and non-toxic cooling gel. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of this incredible product!

2. Cooling Vests
Do you have an active dog that enjoys playing and hiking, even in hot weather? Or perhaps you have a heat-sensitive pup? If so, we have just the solution for you: the RC Pets Zephyr Cooling Vest .
Designed to provide hours of cooling comfort, this vest is perfect for your adventurous companion. The vest features specially integrated, long-lasting cooling polymer crystals that absorb water and gradually evaporate it. Isn’t that absolutely fantastic?

  photo courtesy www.rcpets.com

3. Dog Paws’ Protectors
When you take your dog for a walk, especially during the summer, it’s essential to protect their paws from scorching pavement. Even a few minutes of contact can lead to painful burns! If you’re unable to schedule walks during the cooler parts of the day, consider equipping your furry friend with Pawz waterproof dog boots. These versatile boots offer protection against both hot pavement in the summer and cold, rainy conditions in the winter. They are designed to be reusable, ensuring long-lasting functionality, and come in various sizes for a perfect fit. Say goodbye to worries and enjoy your walks together!

Note: Product selection varies by store.

4. Water Toys
Looking for water toys that your water-loving pooch will adore? Look no further than our selection from West Paw and Project Hive Pet Company. Made with durability in mind, these toys are perfect for water play and fetching. With ropes for easy tossing and eco-friendly materials, they guarantee endless fun for your furry friend. Get ready for exciting water adventures with our top-notch water toys!

The Chuckit!® Paraflight® Flyer is perfect for games of fetch! Whether you’re out in the yard or in water! The Paraflight Flyer features a soft rubber edge that’s gentle on your dog’s gums and teeth, but a strong multilayer nylon interior makes it durable for playtime. Bright colors give it increased visibility and help to prevent the flyer from getting lost. The aerodynamic shape is perfect for long distance games of fetch. Soars through the air and descends gradually, which allows your dog plenty of opportunities to run and jump after it. Floats in the water for even more fun.

(These are just a couple of our favorites – bring your pup in to check out our entire selection of water toys!).

5. Water On-The-Go

Collapsible bowls are great for bringing with you anywhere your dog might need a quick drink of water. Great for hiking, biking, or simply walking your dog. These portable pet water water bowls are lightweight and collapse for easy stowing in a bag or pack.  Perfect for water or snacks on the go.


6. Take-Along Travel Crates Natural shade is great for keeping your pet cool outside but if you can’t count on finding shade, a portable “pop-up” crate can help. It is great for travel, camping or for simple outings at the park because it is lightweight with mesh windows and easy-zip mesh door for air flow.

Note: Product selection varies by store.  

We think your pets will love these products just as much as we do! Shop online now or bring your pup in to one of our neighborhood stores to let them help with the shopping. Our Pet Pros “pack members” are ready to help you find the perfect product for your furry companion.