Pet Pros Preferred Product: FirstMate

When it comes to pet food, we do our homework. We have high standards and you will find only the best on our store shelves. We are thrilled to announce that FirstMate is now amongst our list of superior pet food offerings.

Michael Florian, founder of the company and FirstMate Pet Foods with his dog Tahoe.

Here are a few reasons we love FirstMate Pet Foods:

  • They believe that the best nutrition is simple (we agree!).
  • They use only the highest quality ingredients available to craft FirstMate and KASIKS Pet Foods.
  • FirstMate is a family owned and operated business that has been making quality foods since 1989.
  • They are Northwest based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • FirstMate’s Exec VP is a veterinarian and pet nutritionist.
  • They take a great deal of pride in the quality, safety and performance of their products and have invested in both a dry production facility and cannery so that they have complete control over the quality of both the ingredients and manufacturing.

How is that for dedication?

Stop by your neighborhood Pet Pros and find out more about FirstMate from one of our friendly team members. And let us know if you want to give your pet a taste of FirstMate!

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