New Puppy Shopping List

There’s nothing more exciting than bringing a new puppy into your family.  They are adorable, fun and full of love. But they also come with a lot of responsibility! If you are in the process of bringing a puppy home, be sure that you’re prepared. Here are 11 items you’ll need on hand for your new pal.
1. Bed  
Dog beds are a necessity for dogs, and especially puppies. It’s important to give them a place of their own, where they feel safe and in control. Plus, they are very comfy and can help your puppy sleep better. There are lots of different bed types available, and our team can help you choose the right one for your breed. Be sure you choose a durable option, because puppies love to chew! For more information, check out our blog about dog beds.
2. Crate  
Getting a crate for your puppy is another great way to establish a space of their own and is a good training tool when used wisely. In fact, many dogs grow to love their crates! It’s very important to select the right size for your breed, because if the crate is too big or too small it may leave your pup feeling uncomfortable.
3. Bowls 
Dog bowls are a necessity for your furry friend, and this can be a fun item to shop for! You can match it to your home decor or get something that stands out, the choice is up to you. Just be sure you get two – one for food and one for water!
4. Food 
Healthy, natural food is important for all pets and particularly for a growing pup!  Be sure to select a high quality kibble with plenty of protein.  Our team can help you select the best choice for your pup.
5. Collar and Tag
Your new puppy will need a collar and tag! Not only is this necessary for walks, but it also allows you to provide valuable information should your pup get lost. Stop by any of our stores to get a customized tag with your dog’s name, your address and phone number,
6. Leash
Puppies have a lot of energy, so you’ll have to take them on plenty of walks. And, of course, you’ll need a leash! Introduce it early and let your puppy follow you around the house. There are many types of leashes, so visit your local Pet Pros to decide which one feels best to you.
7. Brush
Keeping your pup’s coat soft and tangle-free an be challenging, but it helps them to feel their best. Having a brush on hand from the start will allow you to establish a grooming routine with your pet.
8. Toothbrush
Brushing your pup’s teeth is another important part of grooming because it improves their overall health. It’s best to start brushing your dog’s teeth while they are still young so they get used to it quickly. For more information on brushing your pet’s teeth, check out our blog.
9. Toys 
Toys are one of the most fun things to buy your pup! We recommend getting a variety to keep your puppy occupied. Puzzle toys, plush toys and chew toys are all good items to have in their toy basket.
10. Treats 
With puppies come a lot of training. While you can use their food for treats, getting a special treat may be the incentive your pup needs to listen and obey. We have a lot of healthy, natural treats so that you can choose one that you feel good about – and that your new pal will love.
11.  Cleaning Supplies
Don’t forget the poop bags and non-toxic cleaning solutions for carpets. Puppies are bound to have accidents so it is best to be prepared! Getting a new puppy is a big life event, and we are so excited for your growing family! If you have any questions about puppy care and pet parenting, visit your local Pet Pros. Our team is full of knowledge and advice that they’d love to share with you!
To get prepared for your new puppy, you can start here to shop online and pickup all the puppy essentials at your neighborhood Pet Pros. We look forward to meeting your and your new family member!