Booster Pet

Introducing BoosterPet – a holistic approach to wellness

To help your pet live a long and happy life, you provide good nutrition, exercise, and lots of love. It is also important to have a veterinarian partner that you can count on to help you care for your pet.

BoosterPet is a team of veterinarians and technicians that provide accessible, technology-driven pet healthcare. They want to be part of your veterinary care team and are now visiting several of our Pet Pros locations for mobile clinics!


What’s different about BoosterPet?

They travel throughout Seattle and surrounding areas in their super sleek mobile veterinary van and set up shop at participating Pet Pros to provide quality, wellness-based services – no appointment necessary. The mobile wellness clinics are a convenient and accessible option for vaccinations, parasite prevention, and minor illnesses and injuries. They are equipped for full examinations and can provide many diagnostics, including radiographs, blood work, and laboratory analysis. In addition, they  love to consult on body condition, feeding guidelines, dental care, and how to help your pet live their happiest, healthiest lives.

They offer telemedicine!  Many health concerns can be addressed via a telemedicine appointment, a convenient care option that human medicine has been utilizing for years. During a telemedicine visit with a BoosterPet veterinarian, you can discuss health concerns such as injuries, behavioral concerns, gastrointestinal upset, itchiness and allergies, nutrition and weight management, emergency triage (including toxin ingestion), and questions regarding chronic illness management. They can prescribe and refill medications quickly for pick-up or delivery. If during a telemedicine appointment it is determined your pet would benefit from a diagnostic test such as blood work, radiographs, or ocular tests, they can arrange for those to be completed at one of the neighborhood mobile clinic stops.

They are Hi-Tech! From check-in to visit summary, they use technology to provide you with the most seamless experience possible. Though the veterinary team will see you and your pet face-to-face, most everything else is done via text and email. It makes accessing care for your pet easy, wherever you are!

We are thrilled to offer one more way to conveniently care of your pets!


Vet Clinic Schedule

Check the BoosterPet website for the Pet Pros vet clinic dates, times and locations along with more information about their services.